Thursday, March 19, 2009


=Morgan's brain.

I know. I've been a lamepants at commenting the past couple days...
Muchly apologized.
(If I STILL haven't gotten around to you, yet, I'll be makin' you chicas extra speshul ones. ;] )

School+friends+boyfriend+ED+work+LIFE are being a pain in the pooper.
All at once.
And I'm really struggling.

Wow. Not used to spieling a whole buncha negativity here. But yes, I've been up since 5am, and got back home at 7:45pm due to work, so I'm understandably dragging right now.

Still, I want to write tonight. Makes me sleep better.

So. Plan para tonight: Blog. Sleep. Dream of happy beaches and clouds and daffodils and guinea pigs and ice.cold.margaritas.

Speaking of happy things, looksies what I gotz in teh mailz yeshterday!

It wasn't ticking, so the obvious was ruled out.
Hmm..then what COULD be inside?

*celebratory jig*

As many of you know, I was recently featured on the Larabar blog as Fan of the Day, in which I professed my love for the 'licious liddle guys. And, yesterday, I recieved a (muchly anticipated) variety sampling to try from Lewis at Larabar!

Put a big smatterin' smile on Morgy's face, fershur. =]

I'm sure most of you have had/heard of 'em, but if you are a poor soul without a clue, Larabars:

1) Are made of nummy fruits, nuts, and spices. And that'
2) Are 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free...what's not to love?
3) Are delicious. Truly and honestly. And I have a humongo sweet tooth, so I like my fruit+sugar. (Hey - honesty is tha bestest policy, they say!) But Larabars are beginning to wean me off that icky addiction.

Yup. My poor teeth are already thanking me.

Oh yes. And moah pitchurs.
I was camera-happy.

Because I'm a dork. know you're jealous.

Eets like teh rainbow, Larabar style!

Yes, I did munch some o' my new foodies.
But that's for LATAH.
Brekkitytime fwist!

Boonana+strawbs+almonds+Activia+brown sugar oaties.

Secret? Sub some of the liquid used to cook the oats with yogurt. I used strawberry Activia. Hence, pink oats.
No, seriously. They really WERE pink.

Seein' eez believin'.

Mhm. I won't comment on 'em. I'll just let you reflect on the beateousness above. ;]

After that fine brekkie, it was off to school for me.
And, apparently, I'm going to be making a how-to video for Spanish IV on:

How to dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Well, shouldn't be TOO painful.


I would now like to take this very special moment to thank my English III teacher, for forcing me to create this marvel last year.
(I'm the one in pink...surprised? =D)
*shuffles feet*

Ah well. Ya get 'nuff calls for an encore, ya gotta please the crowds somehow..

Other than that, nuttin' too fantastic to report.
Except lunch!


Ham+provolone sammie w/Mum's homemade blue cheese walnut crackers anndd..
a Crunch bar.
*'NOTHA celebratory jig*
(^You really can't have too many.)

I've decided that I need to break 1000 calories by noon on a daily basis. It's much easier on my system (without going into too much detail) if I don't cram 'em in later in the day.

So. No.more.skimpy.lunches.
And brekkie will get some buffin' up, too.

I'm a pound behind my gaining schedule, which I've decided isn't acceptable. I really want to scamper off to college whilst still half-assing recovery?

Morgan sez NAY.

So bring on the Crunch bars, yo.

Oh yes, and now it's time for s'more Larabarness!
(I just never get tired of 'em. =] )

Banana Bread Lara with fresh strawberry blended almond milk.
I eez seein' boonana+strawb theme.
..Yoo see too?
*head scritch*

Yes, yes, and yes.

See teh almond-y evidence?
*contented sigh*

Wow. The banana flavor was FANTASTIC. Like noshin' a cookie.
I felt oh-so-naughty.


It actually held me through three hours of traffic, piany lesson, and...moah traffic. (Yay4California.)

Until I could cook up this suckah, anyhow.

Turkey+cheese quesadilla, homemade guacamole (avocado, sour cream, and SALSA, o'course), and, uhm, more strawbs.
Acos, the heck...why not?

Droolworthy food porn o'tha'day.

Atchully...Jus' kiddin'.

Vanilla fro-yo with warm homemade apricot jam and maple walnut granola.
Oh Lordy.
Be still, my beating heart.

Hmm. Competing food porn?
I propose a vote.

Quesadilla or fro-yo?

Pick yer poison!

So here's the unfortunate dealio for this weekend: two of my coworkers are out of town, so I'm picking up a lot of extra hours.
Which is good fer the ol' paycheck, buuut...not so conducive to blogging.

Dunno. I may just wind up taking the weekend off posting. We'll see.

In any case, I need to get my silly arse back on commenting!

Alrighty. Now my eyelids have developed a life of their own and are involuntarily drooping.
Soft bed sounds awesomesauce, 'bout now.

So, night, everyone!

Luff you guyzzzZZZzzzz


Maya said...

iam JEALOUS! :) laras!!!!!!!!i have a tee shirt too from lara bar i got it for x mas:) well...those eats are super love the pink oats,the banana bread lara with the strawberry milk, and that din din looks fab! great idea about being up to at least 1000 before dinner..ive heard an average women should be up to 1200 before dinner so thats good. its good to have balance.

nourishing mornings said...

Free laras! im beyond jealous! laras are my life! banana bread yum. love all your eat pink oats so cool love it!

aussirish said...

hi babydoll

AAAHHHH hahahaha thats the COOLEST video ive ever seen :) my morgans a STAR :):) that video was awesome!!Specially cause im a twlight fan..and a morgan fan too !!

mmm yumtastic eats..that breakfast looks shockingly tasty :)

oooooo LARABARS!! ahhh thats soo cool, yay for free bars. love the shirt, you look tres(FRENCH for very..see im smart:)) cute in it!

aww hope the work is ok this weekend, make sure to take some time out for yourself kiddo, you need some relaxation time :)

im proud of you hun, way to go for pushing yourself to catch up in reaching your goal weight, such progress :)

have a wonderful night of sleep mdear,
luvs you much chica

ps. we need to have an activia party for sure.. like a tea party ..but with acitivia in the cups instead of tea :) yesm??

ohsoravenous said...


I love Morgy. I love Morgy. I LOVE Morgy.


*Debbie just peed in her pants a lil' from laughing so hard*


I was wondering where you'd gone, my pwetty. I wuz worried.

But now that I know I'm gettin' an EXTRA SPESHUL commentario (right? RIIIGHT?), all is good in the world.

Food porn comp. I vote for neither. I vote for ZEH PINK OATS.

You rock my socks.

All those Larabars? You lucky duck.

I also struggled a bit yesterday with ED/school. Blergh. 'Tis life, I guess.

But congrats on tryin' to accelerate your gaining. 'Tis the way to go, fosho.

Mucho <3333

Nancy said...

Lucky you! I am now going to squint at you in jealously. *squints@Morgan* Instead of giving you the evil eye, because I'm not THAT evil. Or am I...? Dun dun DUNNN! The shirt is so cute btw!

Your video is so funny! I wish my english teacher would give us fun projects. Right now, we have this assignment to re-enact Act III of Hamlet, in under 20 minutes. Grrr!

Dance for strawberries! Methinks you should bake a strawberry cake! And have a strawberry tea party xD

As for the food porn competition, I pick fro-yo :)

Breaking Free said...

Morgan your video is O-MAY-ZING!! I did somethin like that for my history class except I was supposed to be Harriet Tubman. We painted my face black with makeup crayons but left my hands and neck and everything else white! The color wouldn't come off for a couple of days. So funny!!

Hope that work isn't too stressful for you!!
Love and hugs!

JuJuBeans said...

I eat larabars every day. I am so jealous! The lemon bar and coconut cream pie are my favorites then cashew cookie and cherry pie come second. I like all of them. Apple pie is my least fave though. I wish I wasn't a fiend to these bars though because I buy three boxes every two months and they are one of my expensive habits haha!

Kiki said...

MORGAN! I love you so much. Your posts are the greatest things eva. You're such an amazing dancer! I like the part when you get chased over the hill by a vampire but then come skipping back over it with "Edward". I hope we get to do a fun project like that lol.

Your pink oats a booootiful! I have to get some yummy flavored yogurt so I can try that.

Mmmm now I iz cravin strawbs. And talking like you. I agree with Nancy, strawberry baked goods are always nice.

Lucky you with the larabars! The banana flavor is one of my favorites. Cute shirt!

Hope you're having a wondrous Friday! Much love

Sharon said...

WHOA, hold the train! Larabars?! Dude, I need to jump on the bandwagon. LOL

Stacey said...

Hello my strawberry loving girl! I am so jeal of your Larabars!! I is wanting them.

ooh your brekkie looks so good. I drool.

Love the video! You are too cute. My senior english project sucked in comparison, we had to find all these figures of speech in Hamlet. boooring.

Food porn? Hard decision but I vote for the fro-yo. Me loves yogurt+granola. 4L.

Oh, and you can definitely expect me at the boobie party!! I will bring thin mint pancakes, boobie shaped of course!
...that shouldn't be too hard, heh.

Take care sweetie!

emily. said...

That package. It's... it's so...
The wonders of food in bar form never cease to amaze me.

Pink oats? Eeeek! Adorable.
I want to eat them at a baby shower, for some reason.

Anyways! *snaps snaps snaps*
I thought the Twilight movie was hilarious. I about died laughing when I went to see it! And your English project combines my two favorite things: laughter and dancing. Es perfecto!

Traffic is lame.
But your quesadilla is most certainly not. And guacamole? Too delicious for words. I'd make some 'cept that they're a dollar a piece. I'll just have to get a virtual fix.

Fro-yo con apricot jam y granola?
Yeah, that good. And I bet you can guess my food porn vote!

I'm thinking about broiling the last bit of mis pinas and topping it with some fro-yo... maybe some honey or brown sugar. My broiler fears can be conquered for that thought alone.

Oh, I'm running off to the world of thrifting tomorrow. Good news though: I've built a super cool mind boggling rocket ship that instantly transports the rider to wherever the creator is. So hop in and come along with me. ;D

Alrightie, good nightie! I'm off to dance among the daffodils in dreamland. <333 lotsa love!

Brooke said...

morgan! free laras and a t shirt!? definitely worthy of a celebratory dance :D

coconut cream, lemon, banana and cashew cookies = top favorites! enjoy them all in good health sweetie!

yum! your pink oats are beautiful, gorgeous, delicious, and so artistic. i think i will take you up on your recipe.

your youtube video is so fun! you look adorable! (and i looove thriller) but can you believe i have never read a twilight book?

your p.m snack is above and beyond! and thank you for the quesadilla idea. i cant remember that last time i made one. but they are defiantly one of my favorite foods. as is homemade guac!

your gorgeous dessert...i have no words <3 but it has my vote for food porn winner.

my favorite fro-yo - stoneyfield vanilla. but edis (dreyers?) is also very creamy, yummy. what brand do you use?

i hope you have enjoy the best of your weekend! i will be sending positive vibes your way. and just know that i am always here for you sweetie - i know ed is getting in the way but there is a way out! keep on fighting through - you are a fighter!

all my love <333 sweet dreams!

Nancy said...

Teeheeee, thank you for the yummy sundae! It is tres delicieux! I work at a grocery store lol. No discounts either. Oh well, at least I get some money to spend ^__^

Burp and Slurp~! said...

oh WOW! I'm totally GREEN with envy over that amazing package! but if anyone deserves that, it's you. congrats!
lol! how to dance Michael Jackson's Thriller for Spanish? whoahahaha! you've GOT to post that up! I'll download it, save it, bookmark it, and watch it over and over again! and you're in Spanish IV? are you planning to take AP? I skipped IV to AP, and BIG mistake. I was at loss through the whole AP year.
awww...I'm sorry about all the poopies of life. Why don't you just poop it trying my poop-in-poop-out creation? haha, just a random suggestion.
oh! oh!ohohohohoh!! I just remembered! I've set up the FIRST challenge to our baking throw-down! you're on, sister!

Gaby said...

hey lookie its me!!!! I know, haven't commented in forever and ever so I"ve got much catching up to do. First of all, sooo jealous of the larabar goodness!! do all bloggers just randomly get these hookups? how does this happen? Also, congrats on the new boobs! teehee, mine are getting here slowly, and its def more motivation to keep gaining.
Foods look fantastic as always and I'm glad to see your branching out from activia! I currently have that same flavor rachel's to try in my fridge, though unfortunately rachel's is still low fat :\ eh, make up for it by adding fatty toppings like pb! BUt i still highly recommend trying the full fat ones because they are oh so 'delectable'. and to answer your question from a long time ago, yes, all yogurts have probiotics that help keep your digestive system happy, activia just latched on to it as an advertising scheme.
I'd love to hear more about your spanish class. I skipped to III my freshman year of hs and went to spanish V- best decision ever! they were my fave classes. but then again ya soy bilingue :)
You're doing super so keep it up! I really want to go buy poptarts now. And your mom sounds awesome! I love my mom, we're also very close, but she doesnt make homemade tamales....i guess i can overlook that.
I'll have to message you soon so this comment isn't a million miles long. Feel free to message me too!
big hugs!!

Laci said...

Congrats to the free laras girl! :)