Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is just to say..

I'm going to be out for awhile.

Sorry, everyone.

My life is far too hectic and chaotic at the moment, and I don't have enough free time nor the right attitude to be blogging.

But I love you all. And I want to share one of my most favoritest pictures with you before I go.

Sunset in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
I'll never forget it.

Hopefully things will work out soon.
Take care, m'dears.

Morgan <3

Thursday, March 19, 2009


=Morgan's brain.

I know. I've been a lamepants at commenting the past couple days...
Muchly apologized.
(If I STILL haven't gotten around to you, yet, I'll be makin' you chicas extra speshul ones. ;] )

School+friends+boyfriend+ED+work+LIFE are being a pain in the pooper.
All at once.
And I'm really struggling.

Wow. Not used to spieling a whole buncha negativity here. But yes, I've been up since 5am, and got back home at 7:45pm due to work, so I'm understandably dragging right now.

Still, I want to write tonight. Makes me sleep better.

So. Plan para tonight: Blog. Sleep. Dream of happy beaches and clouds and daffodils and guinea pigs and ice.cold.margaritas.

Speaking of happy things, looksies what I gotz in teh mailz yeshterday!

It wasn't ticking, so the obvious was ruled out.
Hmm..then what COULD be inside?

*celebratory jig*

As many of you know, I was recently featured on the Larabar blog as Fan of the Day, in which I professed my love for the 'licious liddle guys. And, yesterday, I recieved a (muchly anticipated) variety sampling to try from Lewis at Larabar!

Put a big smatterin' smile on Morgy's face, fershur. =]

I'm sure most of you have had/heard of 'em, but if you are a poor soul without a clue, Larabars:

1) Are made of nummy fruits, nuts, and spices. And that'
2) Are 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free...what's not to love?
3) Are delicious. Truly and honestly. And I have a humongo sweet tooth, so I like my fruit+sugar. (Hey - honesty is tha bestest policy, they say!) But Larabars are beginning to wean me off that icky addiction.

Yup. My poor teeth are already thanking me.

Oh yes. And moah pitchurs.
I was camera-happy.

Because I'm a dork. know you're jealous.

Eets like teh rainbow, Larabar style!

Yes, I did munch some o' my new foodies.
But that's for LATAH.
Brekkitytime fwist!

Boonana+strawbs+almonds+Activia+brown sugar oaties.

Secret? Sub some of the liquid used to cook the oats with yogurt. I used strawberry Activia. Hence, pink oats.
No, seriously. They really WERE pink.

Seein' eez believin'.

Mhm. I won't comment on 'em. I'll just let you reflect on the beateousness above. ;]

After that fine brekkie, it was off to school for me.
And, apparently, I'm going to be making a how-to video for Spanish IV on:

How to dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Well, shouldn't be TOO painful.


I would now like to take this very special moment to thank my English III teacher, for forcing me to create this marvel last year.
(I'm the one in pink...surprised? =D)
*shuffles feet*

Ah well. Ya get 'nuff calls for an encore, ya gotta please the crowds somehow..

Other than that, nuttin' too fantastic to report.
Except lunch!


Ham+provolone sammie w/Mum's homemade blue cheese walnut crackers anndd..
a Crunch bar.
*'NOTHA celebratory jig*
(^You really can't have too many.)

I've decided that I need to break 1000 calories by noon on a daily basis. It's much easier on my system (without going into too much detail) if I don't cram 'em in later in the day.

So. No.more.skimpy.lunches.
And brekkie will get some buffin' up, too.

I'm a pound behind my gaining schedule, which I've decided isn't acceptable. I really want to scamper off to college whilst still half-assing recovery?

Morgan sez NAY.

So bring on the Crunch bars, yo.

Oh yes, and now it's time for s'more Larabarness!
(I just never get tired of 'em. =] )

Banana Bread Lara with fresh strawberry blended almond milk.
I eez seein' boonana+strawb theme.
..Yoo see too?
*head scritch*

Yes, yes, and yes.

See teh almond-y evidence?
*contented sigh*

Wow. The banana flavor was FANTASTIC. Like noshin' a cookie.
I felt oh-so-naughty.


It actually held me through three hours of traffic, piany lesson, and...moah traffic. (Yay4California.)

Until I could cook up this suckah, anyhow.

Turkey+cheese quesadilla, homemade guacamole (avocado, sour cream, and SALSA, o'course), and, uhm, more strawbs.
Acos, the heck...why not?

Droolworthy food porn o'tha'day.

Atchully...Jus' kiddin'.

Vanilla fro-yo with warm homemade apricot jam and maple walnut granola.
Oh Lordy.
Be still, my beating heart.

Hmm. Competing food porn?
I propose a vote.

Quesadilla or fro-yo?

Pick yer poison!

So here's the unfortunate dealio for this weekend: two of my coworkers are out of town, so I'm picking up a lot of extra hours.
Which is good fer the ol' paycheck, buuut...not so conducive to blogging.

Dunno. I may just wind up taking the weekend off posting. We'll see.

In any case, I need to get my silly arse back on commenting!

Alrighty. Now my eyelids have developed a life of their own and are involuntarily drooping.
Soft bed sounds awesomesauce, 'bout now.

So, night, everyone!

Luff you guyzzzZZZzzzz

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Whoopsie. Started writing this postie earlier and accidentally pressed enter. o.O

Embarrassing, much?


Yesterday morning included something of a O.O moment.
There I was, a'mindin' my own business, gettin' all gussied up for school, when..

"Whoa. Hullo thar."

(I had glanced down.)


And mah gurlz were gettin' all SORTSA friendly with each othah.



Lessons learned:

1)Recovery is worth it.
2)Recovery is worth it.


Okay. Girlish excitement over.

...NOW over.

As I scampered about the house with glee, Mum reminded me that I was running late and needed to have some noshin's before school.

Party pooper.

So I threw THIS togethah:

Soopah boonana muffin, homemade yoggie+homemade apricot jam (HIPPIE TO THA MAX), and tea.
Scarfed down in minutes. Whoot.

School = meh.
Lunch = meh.

No comment on either, so I don't bore your poor likkle brains out.
Yes, I know. I'm such a considerate person.

So. Movin' on to snackity.

Genuine, Kansas-grown popcorn.
Born from a cuhyoot liddle cobby, and smothered in cinnamon sugar. quaint. =]

Paired with my very fwist Rachael's pink grapefruit lychee yogurt.
Which I may say FAR surpassed Mr. popcorn bowl in the yUm factor.


..why is it not pink?
I wanted it to be pink!

Trotted off to ze farm, afterwards.

And, one of these days, Morgan will ACTUALLY bring her camera along.

Well, the duckies+chickens+piggies+peafowl say hai. =]

Despues, I romanced teh oven. And here is our love child.

Spanakopita (Spinach+feta wrapped in philo pastry), and a strawb/walnut salad with BOTH blue cheese dressing and raspberry vinaigrette.
There are none.

Oh boy. I don't know if you girls will love me or hate me for this, but last night...

I did not have ice cream.

*hides under rock*

...don't hurt me!

Instead, I had:

He was smushied, and not-so-photogenic, so I only got this one piccy.
Oh wells.
Tastay anywho.

Mum had some sort of St. Paddy's Day partay, and brought me back sum.


So. Methinks I'm liking this posting-every-other-day thing, for now.
Since I do take a redonkulous amount of time to write them, (perfectionst, much?) and it isn't really compatible with school demands.

Speaking of those...*peers over mountain of homework*

Yeah, I oughta get on that.

Have a lovely morning/day/evening/WHATEVAH, chicas!
And I hope y'all had a fantabulous St. Paddy's Day - sober or not. ;]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Embracing My Inner Hippie.

You betcha that's what I did yesterday. so, you ask?

Like THIS:

Get it?
Herm. Mebbe this'll help.

Strawbs, Vermont maple syrup, and yogurt.
Part of this mornin's brekkie de champions.

Get it now?


Well fine, I'll never tell. ;]


Okay. I can't hold it in any longer!

See that thar yogurt? I MADE IT.
A la this recipe.
(I used Activia, o'course. Then later strained it into Greek yogurt.
Acos Greek peoples are full.of.AWESOME.)

And let me tell you whut. Each of the SIX hours spent babying that stuff was TOTALLY worth it.
Yumyummy in my tumtummy.

So. Why did I embark on my yogurty adventure?

1) Too much free time. (I know, WHUT? Since when does this happen?!)
2) Emily's marvelous padres inspired me. =]
3) I like hippies. They're kewl, and make things like homemade yogurt.
In fact, they're almost as kewl as pirates.

Actually, I take that back. Pirates still pwn.
But hippies deserve a little lovin' every now and again.

Next on the agenda - homemade bread!
Pray that the yeast gods don't frown upon me. o.o

Anywho. Aside from the above excitement, I also said buhbye to a very close friend of mine, yesterday.
Since Mum insisted that he was a WILD THANG, and oughtn't live in a glass bowl his whole life.

Meet Steve the Rolypoly.
Cleaning his antennae, AGAIN.

Prissy likkle bug.
(Wild? My butt.)

I will miss you, Stevie. You were my favorite. =[

After our tearful goodbye, (on MY part, anyhow. QOD: Can Rolypolys cry?) I sed hai to Mr. Scale.
And he told me that...
I didn't lose.
But didn't gain either.
GRAGH. -_-

ED had a picnic (hahaha. A sans-food picnic), obviously.
But Morgan said phooey and made a whoppin' brekkie anyhow.

Whole grain brown sugah cinnamon Pop Tart, apple butter, Activia+raspberries, and tea.
*deep breath*


Ms. Apple Buttah and Mr. Pop Tart were joined together in holy matrimony.
Which was soon mah tummy.

Then, since our fridge has been looking like a barren wasteland, (I have NUTTIN' to do with this. I swear! *shifty eyes*) Mum and I went on a crusade to Safeway, and returned with:


And what bettah to do with those things than this?

1/2 bagel with cream cheese and strawberrehs, 1/2 bagel with PB, baby pickles, and warm almond milk.

They could only stand being apart for so long.
(Whoa. You can actually see my teeth marks, thar.

Mum left soon after, so I had the kitchen to me onesy.
*evil grin*
And this, of course, was the part of the day when Morgan vanished into yogurtland.

...ALMOST as fabulous as Morganland.
But not quite.

Howevah, in the midst of breeding bacteria, (Hee. What'd you think yogurt was, anyhow?) I got hungray. Again.

Moah strabs, and banana nut Odwalla bar.
..what be that in tha middle, thar?

Say hello to MONDO BERREH.
Yoo no eat him.

Oh. And mistah Odwalla.
You eat him eets okai he no care.

I wound up microwaving the Odwalla bar, a la blogland.
Was like eating boonana-y cookie dough.

Latah, Mum and I went for a booteous walk. And talked each other's ears off.

I love her.
She really doesn't give a dern if I get a tattoo, dye my hair some obnoxious hue, or don't get straight A's.
(None of which I've actually done. YET.)
I think that, because so many things haven't been "forbidden", I've never felt the desire/need to dabble in them. No drugs, alcohol..
I iz goody2shoez. =]

Anyhow. Do any of you have a parent/parents like this?

Speaking of Mum, she also made din din. And it was GUD.

HOMEMADE tamales this time. And dried cherry/cucumber/blue cheese salad.
Plus salsa. (Uhm. Duh?)

Yee boi. Buttahfingah ice cream.

Now, since Morgy had to work later than expected today (coworker got food poisoning. o.O), she's ver' tired and needs a little shut eye.

Howevah. As promised, she has a BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to hollah, first.


Happy bwifday to yooou.
Happy bwifday to yoooooou.
Happy BWIFDAY dear Chaneeeeel.
*epically long pause*

I luff you, chica. You're my most favoritest angry black woman evar.
And guess what?
*slap on back*
Go get 'em. ;]

(To everybudy not in the know: Chanel is a friend'o'mine who has supported me through all of this ED+boy troubles garbage. I luff her and would trust her snickerdoodle cookie recipe.
And that's sayin' somethin'.
...That's sayin' ALOT.)

Oky. NOW bedtime.

Get your Monday gear on, everyone...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Honesty and Puppy Lovin'.

*contented sigh*
Fridays are just...delectable.
(Yes, even Friday the 13ths. No discrimination 'lowed, here!)

In Morganland, there would be no Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.


Hmm. Saturday and Sunday may have a teensy chance of making the cut.
But Friday...oh boi.
I want a week full of 'em. ;]

Regrettably, though, before I share my glorious today. something has come up that I feel I ought to address:

My blog has recently been the recipient of many comments from new people, which, yes, I do appreciate very muchly.
But, as are many things (like...dark chocolate! yUm), this development is bittersweet.

Yeeps. This is my first venture into possibly offensive waters..o.o

If I haven't responded to you, new commenters, it could be for one of two reasons:

1) Morgan is currently squishied under a massive load of homework, very generously (NOT.) bestowed upon her by her marvelous teachers. As a result, blog-time has been cut, and it's difficult for me to keep track of all the goings-ons, here.

2) I'm un poco nerviosa about blurting this out. But Mr. Honesty and I are becoming reacquainted with each other, and I'm not keeping my feelings underground anymore.
So here it be:

Some of the new (to me) blogs I've read through are very triggering. There are many people who routinely (if not always) eat less than even what is normally required for maintenance, and who rely on diet-y foods for the majority of their intake.
Now, as much as I admire the friendly and diverse personalities of these individuals, it is unhealthy for me to compare my own intake to others' when the difference is so drastic - ED just has a ball tormenting the sanity out of me.

After all, I started blogging to help myself recover. Not to get sucked back into anorexia.
So, unfortunately, there are some people I won't be able to connect to in the blogging world.
Not for the time being, anyhow..

Ugh. =/
I truly hope I haven't offended/hurt anyone's feelings by this.

In any case, here's a puppy to smooth things ovah. ^.^

Meet Thargo. =]
Daaw. He lookth fhirsty.

Courtesy of
(Warning. Above link known to induce vegetative state due to cuteness-overload.
You have been warned.)

Now that I got that puppy outta tha way (PUN INTENDED. Hur hur hur), heyar be today's noshin's!
Beginning with brekkityfast, o'course.

Strawberreh Activia with moah strawbs (surprised? =D), cashew buttah, and microed Whole Foods apple bar.
Oh. And tea.
Poor thing. Always the party outcast.

School involved alotta noddin' off, as per usual. Nuttin' to report, again.

And here be the LAST boring lunch of the week!
I swear it! Upon my fro-yo stash!

(Thanky'all for givin' me some fab new lunch ideas, btw. Grocery shopping tomorrah shall be...interesante. =])


Ham and cheddar sandwich, mini Oreos, and mini Vitamin watah.
Hee. Me like teh mini shtuff.
Sho cuhyoot. =]

Kevin followed me home after school.
Uhm. In a non-stalkerish way.
And we kicked it until I had to leave for ortho appt.

Hate retainerths. They makth me thalk thoopid.
Don't thmile. Ith not funneh.

Anyhow. Before leaving, I inhaled:

Boonana + Nature Valley strawberry yogurt bar.
Herm. Strawb/yogurt theme not even intentional.
...What are you up to, subconsious de Morgan?

Hee. He wanted to say hi.

And aftah:

Sweet corn tamale with garlic lover's salsa and cucumber/ranch salad.
Moah Mexican foodie!

Mum found the tamales at a local Mexican market (yay4California) and drug 'em back home to compare to our homemade ones.
And, I hafta say, it was pretty bitchin'.
The salsa made love with the tamale, and the product was a perfect sweet/salty/garlicy scrumptiousness.

But, honestly, THIS little dood took the cake.
Or, y' cream.

French vanilla ice cream with crushed Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.
I died. And went to heaven.

...want some?

Open wide for tha choochoo train!
*toot toot*

Atchully, I kid. =]
Eets all in my belleh, now.


What was that word I used earlier?
Oh yes. Delectable. Today most certainly was.
(Yes. Morgan thinks everything is made more poignant by Mistah Bold button.)
(...Hee. "Poignant". SOMEONE had AP English todaaay.)

Despite the fact that I have an appt. with Mr. scale tomorrow morn' , anxiety is much lower than usual, and I didn't restrict today.

Cause for celebration?
I think so!

So now I'm off to watch some Heroes and then curl up with The Hobbit.

Yes, from mind-readers, time-travelers, and psychopathic serial killers to short, furry-footed little people.

My dreams should be fun, tonight. ;D

'Night, blogland!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Cinderella Story.

Before I expound upon my sad, NON-fairytale-like adventures, I must bestow a booblyzillion (word? NOW IT IS.) thankies to Sophia para esto:

Lemonade Cheers Award!
Ahh. Limonada.
The most cheerful (sober) beverage to grace this planet.

Urgh. The only negative about receiving such fabulous awards is that I can never pass them on to everyone that deserves them!
For such a task is nigh impossible unless one has hefty amounts of spare time loungin' about.
Morgan, regrettably, has no such good fortune.

So...I have narrowed it down to:


Oh yes. The award comes complete with corny nicknames. ;]
But anywho. You goofy girls never cease to plaster my face with ginormous grins.
Y'all are like a plethora of positivity!
A cornucopia of cheerfulness!!
An overflow of optimism!!!

Oky. Alliteration over.
Now, it be STORYTIME.

Well, firstly, reason for late posting tonight = work after school until 7:30pm.
Ew, I know.
And it was made even MOAH ew by this:

"Oh! And, Morgan, instead of mopping tonight, could you get down under the tables with some wet Swiffer pads and clean up all the dustbunnies?"

Uhm. Lessons learned:

1) "Get down under the tables" really means "hands and knees hard labor". And, not only is it also can begrime your most favoritest pair of jeans. *grumble*

2)"Dustbunny" is a misleadingly cute word used to very innacurately describe the dust+dog furball monstrosities that roam our store.

However, although mopping allows me to maintain a respectable distance from the icky floor, it takes much longer. Hence my being able to post tonight!

Fin of story.
I know, not all that splendifferous. Apologies.

I will try to make up for it in food porn. =D
Brekkie was inspired by Erin's yogurt concoctions.

'nilla Activia with pink lady apple, boonana, nutella, and toast. + tea.
Toastie was soon makin' love with Nutella.
And then the rest of the partay joined in.
Ultimate lovefest breakfast.

School was school. Nuttin' to report thar.
Well, a physics test from down under. But don't think y'all wanta hear 'bout THAT horror of horrors.

Ergo, lunch!

Ham and provolone sammich with Pita chips and mini Vitamin H2O.

I need to spice up my lunches. Make 'em SNAZZY.
Because I've fallen into a sandwich rut, and can't get out!
..any suggestions?
Morgan is an open book. =]

After school, I enjoyed some Rolos and a minty Starbucks water at work, courtesy of coworker S.
No pitchur, acos I'm lame.

Mhmm. Minty water = H2O+shot of mint.
Today was one of those days when, no matter HOW much water you chug, you still feel dehydrated.
But that cup'o'wonderful put a massive dent in my thirst. I give it 12/10 stars.
And yes, I can do that.
It's MY blog. I can make as many ridiculous ratios as I please!

Anyhow, as mentioned above, S got me the nummy watah on one of her breaks. Luff.her.
Unfortunately, ED frowns upon this relationship.
Because, you see...S is one of those teeny-tiny girls who eats absolutely EVERYTHING.
Ergo, ED demands that I be jealous of her. That I hate her guts.

But reality gave me a good kick in the shins, today.

Learned that S has to go in for an MRI and ultrasound tomorrow morning, because she may have serious thyroid problems.


MY disease has made me envious of someone else's.
How wonderful.
How absolutely sickening.


Well anyhow, when I got home from my Cinderella-esque duties, I made myself a bitchin' dindin.
It involved a joyous reunion with mah pal, Amy.
(...sorry. Spanish class today. It haff infiltrated mah brains.)

Salad with strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette (CAN'T.GET.'NUFF), dippin' salsa, and Amy's burrito.
Whoopsie. He had a little accident in tha micro.
Sprung a leaky. o.o

And, of course, NO day is complete without a venture to dessertland.
(Though this had nothin' on my froyo-orange chocolate-boonana splitie I inhaled last night. No worries! Will be revisiting soon. =])

Mini Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream cup.
Erm.. I the only one who finds the likkle spoons just adorabable?


Ahh. Relatively pleasant day.
Sunny again, but I 'membered to slather the sunblock on this time.

Live'n'learn. ;]

Sleepytime now.
But first.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Taste of Summer.

Note: I know I've written both yesterday and today, but methinks I'll be posting every other weekday as a general rule unless circumstances prove favorable.

Urgh. School is no fun at all, mis amigas.

So...I will move on to more funski topics!
Like climate conditions!

Today's weather = schizophrenic.

How so, you ask?

Welp, when I left home this morning, the experience went something like this:

Morgan: Oky, Mum, I be off now! Love y-SWEET JESUS. *hop back inside*

Mum: Cold, innit?

Morgan: *glower*

Long story short: froze my poor liddle hiney off for the first half of the day.
Shuah, the sun was a'shinin' happily, but them dern Alaskans sent their cold front our way.

PLUS, my human space heater (Kevin) wasn't around to keep me toasty.

Unfortunately, however, things really began to heat up around noontime.
"Unfortunate", because:

I now look like a tahmayter.

I'll just cut to the chase and give ya the moral of the story now: One must never lie down on soft grass in warm sun on < 5 hrs. sleep.

..whilst dozing, said sun burnt Morgy a little crispy.
And Morgan is supposed to be cooked rare, NOT well-done.

And y'know what that means?

SUMMAH IS COMINGGG. three months.
Moving on.

Foodie today involved all sorts of awesome. I show you now. Brekkie:

Strawberry Activia with (SHOCKER) moah strawberries, PB puffins, and (WHUT) moah PB.
Plus tea, hangin' out in tha back.

May I mention that this is the first time in evar that I eated PB with cereal?
Where has this combo been all my life??

I had not truly lived until today.

But now I am in a pickle.
For my PB jar is nearly emptied. =[
What is/are your favorite brand/s of PB, and why?

Participants will be given Morgan sundaes, free of charge.
Although hugs are always legit pay. ;]

Mhmk. On to lunch!


Ham and cheese sammie with Sun Chips and mini Vitamin Water.
NOW it's the end of the Sun Chips.

School lunches are packed by Mum, so they aren't as affected by Morgan craziness (read: creativity) as my other foodage.

But nevah fear!
Thar be no repetitive eating HERE:

Boonana-Nutella smoothie and vanilla NuGo bar
*taste buds dance with glee*

Oh Nutella. You have stolen my heart.

I'll need that back, though.
So I can, y'

Speaking of hearts, does anyone know how to improve blood circulation? Though I'm fairly close to my goal weight, my fingernails/lips still turn blue whenever the temperature drops below 60, and I get cold very easily.
No es funskies, let me tell you.

Anywho. Back to foodie! Snack didn't hold me over well (Again? WHUT?), so I had early dindins.

Salad with raspberry vinaigrette, strawberries, and pine nuts, plus crepe filled with (as much) broccoli-mushroom-shallot sauce (as I could cram in there =D).

Mhm. Strawberrehs.

Each one of those little ruby beauties was reminiscent of summer. *sigh*


Peach cobbler with French vanilla ice cream.
Oh noez! No moah cobblah. =[

Wowza. It be late, m'dears.
So I'm callin' it beddybyetime now, lest I fall asleep in one of my five classes tomorrah.


...Wish me luck.

Monday, March 9, 2009

For the Love of Caramel Frappuchinos.

Oky. Two thingamadoodles before I dive in:

1) Apologies for no post yesterday - I was working on an English project which, albeit fun (as is anything that involves hefty amounts of hot glue and paint), demanded total Morgan concentration.
2) I luff you peeps. No, really. There ain't a single one of ya that dudn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy with your loverly comments.

Nope, not even Emily when she tries to abscond with my frozen yogurt stash.
(BUT. This still does not give you free range to my freezer, chica.
*glare of death*
..Kiddin'! You know I love you!)

So, once again, I've chosen to write about yesterday instead of today.
Because, well, Mondays are just icky.

And...where better to start than breakfast?

Activia yogurt with two Nature Valley bars crumbled in, raspberries, almonds, and a drizzle of honey.
Poor tea. That's a hard act to follow.

Because it took enormous self control to actually GET two pictures.

Oop. 'Scuze me.

Since I had work at 11:30, and DLST ate an hour of my morning (grr), Mum and I skedaddled to Safeway.
Purchases were made, among them:


There were others, but, uhm...
Who cares?

Sorry, The Beatles got it WRONG.
All ya need is:

*dodges eggs hurled by angry Beatles fans*

Lunch was under a time crunch, but I still managed to snag sum pitchurs.
Because it was THAT.AWESOME.

PB, Nutella, and strawberry wrap with Sun Chips and almond milk.
I may have..*cough*..nibbled on said wrap a teensy bit before pitchur was taken.

But you know you would've, too.
...Shh. Don't lie.

Shucks, and I was hopin' all that PB would hold me over for awhile.
But a few hours later, tumtum was starting to complain.
I tried to stem the rising tide of hungry tummy noises with a pink laday apple..
...But to no avail.
Something had to be done.

And by something, I mean this:

It's okay.
You may sit there in awe whilst I tell my story.

Mhmk. So.
Once upon a time there was a hungry Morgan.
But all she had were a coupla gift cards and a buck to her name.
$Cha ching$
('Cept NOT.)

Well, actually, I had an Odwalla bar in my purse, but I don't want to rely on them too often. They're like a "safe" food.

Plus, I felt SASSAY and wanted to piss ED off.

So I took a 15min. break and trotted off to the local coffee shop with my $5 gift card.
(Big spenda, I know. )


"Oh, bummer. Our machine doesn't recognize those anymore."


It's like ED has teamed up with the universe in a conspiracy against Morgan.

I had already waited in line for 8 minutes, and had to make it back in time. So I awkwardly mumbled that I had no money and left.

When I came back to the store, C (coworker) asked where the hell my frappuchino was. So I spilled my unfortunate tale, expecting her to just smile, nod, and accept it.
Instead, what I got was a wink and an order to get my butt down to Starbucks with my other gift card.
Love C. She's the bestest.
Well, aside from you guys. ;]

Let's no one get jealous. Thar be plenty luv ta go 'round.

(Dunno why, but the pirate accent seemed necessary. After all, I am just as sexy as Jack Sparrow. Right?

Long story short, I got mah frappuchino. And it was orgasmical. Out of this world. Fantastically delicious.

Mhmk, I think you get the point, now.



Yet, somehow, after ALL THAT, I was still plenty hungray for dindin.
..Uhm. Where is this food going?
*taps leg* *echooo*
Oh. There.

Mhmm. Mum did the cookin'. Have I mentioned that she's amazing? Several times? Well, you may be hearing it about 20948203594258 more.

Crepes filled with broccoli-shallot-mushroom cream sauce.
There are no words.
There just aren't.

I was (SURPRISE) actually pretty full after dindin.
There is always room for white chocolate raspberry ice cream.

Calorie-wise, (Gawd. I don't care what anyone says. I still HATE that word.) I pushed myself further on Sunday than I have in years. But it felt so.bloody.awesome.

*ED-squashing dance of joy*

All may join in the celebration!

Oh! And, before my brain shuts down for the night, I have an update from the lovely folks at Larabar.


I feel famous.
Pretty soon, people will be asking for my autograph.
Right on the street, y'know?

So, to honor the occasion, I dug some goodies out of my pantry/fridge for my afternoon snacky tahday.

Chocolate cherry Jocolat bar and Oikos greek yogurt with honey.

Honestly, it was my first time with that brand of yogurt, (*gasp*! I lost my Oikos virginity. o.o) and I wasn't very impressed. It had a plastic-y sort of taste. Not sure if that's a result of the packaging or...?

However. The Jocolat bar was on a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL.
Like, not even on the same plane.
In a different snack universe.

I'm usually a white chocolate girl, but I love the dark-chocolatey-intensity of this bar, and the slight tartness that the cherries lent it.
It put a big goofy grin on Morgy's face. =D

And, y'know what? When I did this...

The yogurt didn't taste half-bad! WHOOT.

Okay, now I really am tired. And still have homework to complete.

Urgh. least MONDAY'S OVAH.
Oh, and sorry for the bookish post (again).
I'll try not to assault you with so much text and pitchurs next time. =]

Night, m'loves!