Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine '09!

Well, things have been pretty tense in Cali for the past couple weeks...what with the piggy virus poppin' up all over the place.
A coupla schools in the area have even been shut down so it doesn't spread 'mongst the kiddies.

So, I'm curious to hear: how has this affected those of you in other states/countries?

For instance, I know that if MY school is shut down, I won't have to take the dern AP tests next week.
Horror of horrors, right?
=D's just that Bubble Shooter is 130948084603496x funner than studying!
(Wow. "Funner". I'm gonna fail English Lit for SURE.)

Still, in the tragic event that AP testing DOES occur on time, I'll likely be out of bloggin' action until next weekend. This next week is lookin' like a doozy, as far as school/studying/homework/work goes..

Alrighty. Quick weight check and then a smatterin' o'food pornnn.

Weight: Maintained. Yay. Ugh.

(It's a sore subject between Mum and I, now. Don't care to discuss atm.)

I promised food porn, and Morgy ALWAYS delivers on her promises. ;]

Ah. What better way to brighen 6:00am?
Pink ladays, walnuts, and brown sugar atop my oaties.
Gooood mornin'.

Lunches this past week have been pretty standard sammiches.
Except for today.

Mum and I went to Bill's Cafe, where I noshed my first evar Monte Cristo sammich.

Mhmmhm good.
^Not just for Campbell's soup, anymore.

(Speaking of Campbell's soup - we also went to the SJ Museum of Art, where they're featuring an Andy Warhol exhibit.
...I'll never look at a soup label the same way again.)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the glorious ham+cheese-y numminess.
So. I'll just pirate one from Google and pretend.

Mine was pertier.

Snackage this week has been all over the place, but I did manage to photograph this suckah before he took a one-way ticket to Morgy's tumtum.
(Well, I suppose it IS a two-way ticket. But I doubt y'all wanna hear 'bout that part... ;])

Rachael's Pomegranate Acai yoggie+blackberries.
+Mah fancy shmancy spoon.
(It makes everything taste bettah!)

Plus some poppitycorn, o'course.
Always reminds me of Erin. *sniffle*
I miss my little New Joisey munchkin..


Anyhow. Dindins that day (...or another? My memory is shot, lately.) saw an encore of ze blackberrehs.


Toasted English muff topped with Fromage d'Affinois (love)

Apologies for the blindingly-white pic..
At that point, I had already devoured the other muffin half.
And I was just too lost in my cheese-gasm to focus on the camera.

...can you blame me?


However. The cheesy tale does not end here.

FF cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar.
(Psh. I'm not a cinnamon fan. AT ALL.)
Oh, and FF fat free.

Another day's dindin: spinach pie from Flower Flour.

: eating this stuff may cause a "cheese high".
Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for 2 hours after consumption.

The danger is real.

Okies. And, lastly, some good ol' ice cream porn for you ladies (..and gents? Hope I'm not alienating anyone, here. If you're out there - speak up, male readers!)

Cherry almond fudge ice cream.
Because pink food just pwns.

And I'll betcha didn't see this comin'..
Atop vanilla froyo and slightly-grainy honey.
(Methinks I like it bettah that way?)

Oh! And, I was asked by the lovely folks at:
All receipes are on Petitchef
to add my blog to their site!
I feel so flattered. =]

Alrighties. I'm off to get ready for work (joy.) and to hopefully get my prom dress altered.
Acos I'm a shortypants. =/

Hope y'all are havin' a fantabulous weekend!
Luffs and *hugs*