Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Savor life.

Ice cream!

(...are you drooling, yet?)

Sure, there isn't anything wrong with these things.
But y'know what they all have in common?

They're sweet.

And y'know what else?
I think Morgan's sweet tooth has been calling waaay too many shots, as of late.
(Quite literally. When WAS the last time I photographed something non-breakfast-y or dessert-y?)

Which is why I'm taking a wee bit of a break to get back in touch with my savory side.

Because girl cannot live by sugar alone.

(Oh, but I do wish..)

Note: many of the following pictures have been taking up residence in the darkest depths of my camera's memory banks. So they aren't all that recent, buuut still 'licious-looking nonetheless.

So. What better way to start out than with an entree by mah homegurl, Amy?

Enchilicious enchiladas!

Silly camera wanted to focus on the veggies.
*shakes head*
...which is why I feel the next photograph is very necessary.

With porn like this, who NEEDS men?

Next up: a return to some good ol' brekkie for dindin.

Egg McMuffin, Morganified!
And therefore 1309567305973x better.

But wait! The English muffin returns for another round of savoryness!

Toasted and smothered in Fromage de Affinois, and partnered with a Morgasmic salad.
Seriously, if you haven't already, BUY THIS CHEESE.
It's like a fastpass to tastebud heaven.

And, speaking of cheese, I would be remiss to exclude this little adventure into Pastaland.

It's a magical place of cheesy, pesto-y goodness.

Cheese tortellini w/gobs of homemade pesto and a light sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano.

Hold on...what's that, ED?
I can't hear you! =P

Of course, though, I've saved the bestest for last.

Ladies and gents, I give you...


Crabfest! (+toasty bread and salad)
..and is that butter I see?
Yup. Sure is.


Whew. That be a LOT of savory in one postie.
(For me, anywho.)

...methinks some cookie baking is in order!

*dons apron*

Don't worry, I'll document the experience to share with y'all later. =]

Ta-ta for now!


ohsoravenous said...

Oh silly Morgy.

It's a fact of LIFE and PHYSICS (whut? Physics?) that sugar OWNS salt.


That being said, your dose of savory food porn is very much appreciated ;)

Nancy said...

I still think sugar takes first place! :)

Rose 'n' Coffee said...

I'm not really a sweet tooth person, I'm have more of a savoury tooth.

ohsoravenous said...

Nutella brownies --> http://honeyandjam.blogspot.com/2009/02/happy-nutella-day.html

Try them. NOW. Best brownies I've ever tasted in my life (the sister, parentals, and friends agree, so this is not me boasting). For realz.

Chanel said...

the PORN comment made me laugh really hard, please put that on FB with the pix. Or if you don't want to, send it to me!!!!!

Oh, and I realized today on the TJ run (next week?) we must grab gnocchi because your tortellini looked a-freaking mazing!

Maya said...

yum! all those dishes look amazing. you go girl with all those ed challenges! your amazing.


Tiny Tina. said...

I love you and your foodies whether sweet OR savoury. ;]
Variety is the spice of liiife!
Holy crap, that pasta looks amazing. I may just have to retreat into my own little pasta daydream/fantasy right now. Excuse me a second.
YES, you continue to kick ED while he's down!
Keep enjoying your summer girly. =)

burpandslurp said...

no problem! I like savoy a whole lot more myself. My sweet tooth rotted and died a long time ago. Go savory!
and crab with butter? Oh, oh my. Morgan, come here and lemme give you a hug! *HUGS*

spidersfrommars said...

Amy's enchiladas FTW! So cheesy... so good.... Men are still necessary though :D
Savory and Sweet are equals in my eyes. Gotta have a balance of both! :D

Brooke said...

i like sweet and savory - you have a great balance going on morgy!

amy's enchiladas oh my goodness, you could not have captured better pictures! perfect. and your pesto tortellini! im so proud of you and your recent accomplishments, freedom and release from ed - congratulations x's a thousand!

love you sweetie <3

p.s ah ive missed you too! so glad to see you back to blogging. but i hope you are enjoying your summer to the fullest! this is your time to shine. xo

rediscoveringlauren said...

hi darlin,

mmm so many amazing eats all in one post *drools*

i LOVE tortelini! and egg mcmuffins...the morgified ones look yummers :)

hope your having a nice week chica,
i loves you lots like vodka shots

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Omgoodness that is some good lookin grub you got going on! =) I especially love the look of the "Morganized" McMuffin and it is so funny because I just made one yesterday! But mine was with a pita so it wasn't a clone like yours! hehe

emily. said...

You've inspired me to make some tortellini! And pesto? Delicious!

I'm more of a salt fan (hello, feta cheese and kalamata olives, so salty!), but I will never turn down some sugary goodness (aka sweet tea!).

Cooooookies... me want someeee.
*dons spy gear* I'm coming to get them too!


Kiki said...

Huh. I think I might try to challenge that "girl cannot live on sugar alone" thing. We'll see about that.

Achully, you're foodage is making me have a serious hankering for savory so nevermind! Lovelovelove pesto.

Meanwhile: I have to get the deets from mi madre about out little meetup. I'll facebook message you about them soon because I don't really want to put all my plans in a comment okay?

Love you lots!

Stacey said...

I have the same issue with sweet/savory foods! I noticed in my last post that only one picture was NOT breakfast haha. "Sweet" foods are closer to my heart :)

heehee, Morgasmic salad - I love it.

oh my goodness, I adore pasta with pesto. So delish! Cheese tortelllini + pesto? *wipes drool off chin*

take care lovie!

Jenny said...

ah girl I have a sweet tooth like whoa! but this post definitely made me crave something savory.. that pasta is heaven!